Publisher Licenses & Contracts


In this course you will be exposed to several critical areas of Oracle software license management. We use a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises to help you relate the material to everyday situations. Each module includes examples and guidance for applying the concepts. At the completion of this course you’ll understand the different types of Oracle products, agreements, metrics, common compliance issues, how to be prepared for an audit, and much more.


In a workshop approach, we will discuss SAP’s compliance concept and its impact on software asset management as well as better practices for SAP license management ready for application. At the completion of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge of how to effectively manage agreements and entitlements for SAP, monitor and measure the use of SAP software and services. The course will also prepare you for negotiations to “right-size” your SAP agreements.


This course will help you learn about critical areas of IBM licensing and develop a practical approach to creating reliable IBM license compliance reports. We will illustrate key concepts and pitfalls using exercises based on real-life customer scenarios. At the completion of this course, you will have knowledge on how to determine your IBM license entitlements, deployment and compliance position using all available resources.


Understanding the ins and outs of Microsoft’s complex software licensing rules is challenging for businesses of all sizes and industries. Designed to take your Microsoft licensing knowledge to the next level, this course offers an in-depth review of several key Microsoft licensing agreements and product licensing models, with real-world scenarios and hands-on application that will allow you to directly transfer your skills from the classroom to the workplace.

Micro Focus

In this immersive one-day course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Micro Focus license management, essential for efficient software asset management. The course gives a detailed look into the world of Micro Focus licensing, its various types of agreements, a detailed breakdown of products, compliance considerations and more. Through lectures, discussions, and case studies, participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage Micro Focus licenses, ensuring compliance, and optimizing software assets.

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