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Since 2009, Anglepoint has been eliminating risk and cost savings for our clients by optimizing processes, resources, and technology to better manage software assets. Members of our management core have helped develop and establish international SAM standards and are recognized as both thought leaders and innovative practitioners. The Anglepoint difference is our people. We assemble the foremost industry experts to drive uncommon results for our clients.

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Training Services

With flexibility to meet our client’s global training needs through remote (ILO) or local classrooms, we specialize in training staff members in ITAM Program Management, software licensing, contracts & negotiation, procurement & asset disposition, compliance & risk, and more. Anglepoint trainers are seasoned IT Professionals and Software Auditors who offer genuine experience and real-life examples to enrich the learning experience. Although our trainers are certified professionals, they are also real human beings who truly care about helping others overcome challenges.

Karen Bernard

Director, Training Business Development

Karen Bernard joined the Anglepoint team in 2019 as a Director Training Business Development, bringing with her over 25 years of selling and delivering quality service to the Fortune 500 community. She’s an experienced project manager and training partner who specializes in uncovering root causes of business challenges and designing and executing creative customer solutions.

Karen started her career as President of Mentor Services Corporation, an education and consulting firm providing customized training and consulting services to Fortune 500 and Government IT organizations. There she was responsible for overseeing all Sales, Marketing, HR, and Operations while successfully delivering up to $5M in revenue. She has been working with companies like IBM, Citibank, Verizon, and many others to prepare and educate their staff to reach their full potential. 

Let’s talk. Send a message to one of our trainers to find out more about our training services.

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