With the flexibility to meet our client’s global training needs, the Anglepoint Academy covers a variety of training including ISO Aligned SAM Certification, IT Operations, and Enterprise Systems. Our instructors are seasoned IT Professionals with years of practical experience who incorporate real-life examples into the curriculum to enrich the learning experience. Contact us today to find out more about our offerings. We welcome you to the Anglepoint Academy!


An effective IT program requires a strong foundation of planning effectively-communicated policies and procedures which are enforced and monitored along with trust-worthy data metrics centered around the organization’s compliance. Our experienced IAITAM trainers will lead you in discussions on how organizations should define and establish program objectives, success criteria, policies, and the 12 IAITAM Key Process Areas. We will show you how to document and guide your program’s development, whether in-house or working with SAM Managed Service organizations, with the goal of measurable success and value (including quantifiable cost savings) to achieve continuous improvement and to help integrate SAM strategies into business objectives and business requirements into your program.


Fundamental to any SAM initiative is the ability to “count and count well.” Many SAM solutions only compare discovered inventory and purchasing data but don’t consider the licensing rules or contract terms which measure true compliance. Anglepoint has extensive experience with publishers and their software products, licenses, and contracts. By attending our Software License Agreement Masterclass, you will learn not only the fundamentals but how to develop true auditor-level accuracy in your organizations’ s compliance position. You will learn publisher specific software license types, agreements, and counting methodologies. Our training reveals the largest risks and liabilities and provides actionable recommendations along with possible optimizations (infrastructure, contract, license). Take your SAM program to the next level by signing up now for an Anglepoint led class today! (Certification exam by IBSMA).

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