Cost for on-premise SAP licenses or cloud SaaS is typically the biggest single budget item in the annual software and service spend. It also not uncommon that – due to the nature of the SAP license, service, and support agreements – the amount of money that goes into SAP is increasing year over year, even in times of declining business or budget cuts in IT.

Referring to real-life examples, we will demonstrate the fundamentals of SAP software licensing and cloud subscriptions and will shed light on the commercial risks of using SAP software. In a workshop approach, we will also discuss SAP’s compliance concept and its impact on software asset management, as well as better practices for SAP license management ready for application.

After these courses, you will have in-depth knowledge of how to effectively manage agreements and entitlements for SAP, monitor and measure the use of SAP software and services. The course will also prepare you for negotiations to “right-size” your SAP agreements.

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Mar 13 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jeramy Tarwater


Jeramy Tarwater