Mainframe Boot Camps

The mainframe is still really cool and we’ll prove it to you! Get your new hires up to speed, or cross train and advance your existing staffs’ knowledge with our Mainframe Boot Camps. Starting with the very basics, we cover Introduction to the mainframe through advanced topics and everything in between. Our boot camps are taught by instructors with decades of hands-on experience in legacy systems. Our staff has been addressing and assisting top organizations with the mainframe skills shortage conundrum and we’d be delighted to share our insights with you.

z/OS Boot Camp

Get your new hires in the Zone with our fabulous Z Boot Camp.  Our instructors will amaZe your staff with their
experience and knowledge, as they work through the curriculum and transform your employees into Z wiZards. 

COBOL Boot Camp

Do you really feel like re-writing millions of lines of code?  We didn’t think so. 

You needed skilled COBOL people in the past, you also need them now and into the future.

Assembler Boot Camp

If you want your future systems programmers to stand out in the crowd you should put them through our Assembler Boot Camp. 

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