Mainframe 360°

Our IT experts who have decades of experience in the mainframe ecosystem will facilitate an in-depth assessment of your staff so that you can understand their IT skill level and skill gaps. As part of this assessment, we will create education roadmaps, recommend improvements, and help prepare future staff to replace retiring/displaced employees.

What is the Mainframe 360°?

The Mainframe 360° was designed to help you understand the people in your IT organization, where their strengths are, where they need help, and what kind of training would be appropriate for them. These people may be computer or network operators, production control, systems or application programmers, or any department that supports the mainframe. It can also be a valuable tool to help you figure out what skills incoming employees need to have in order to replace retiring Mainframers.

What Happens Prior to Our On-Site Visit?

First, we will ask for some information about your organization; Things like job descriptions, corporate org charts, mission statements, major hardware and software utilized, etc. Don’t be stressed if you don’t have everything readily available. We’ll work with what you have and fill in the blanks during our on-site discovery.

From the information we receive, we will then develop questionnaires geared towards the people we will be interviewing.


On-Site Discovery

Once we arrive on-site, we’ll meet with upper management to review the goals of the Mainframe 360° and get a better sense of the day to day operation of the organization.

Then, we usually spend about 2-3 hours with each individual, going through the customized questionnaires, observing these employees in their environment, and talking to the organizations they interact with on a regularly to gain their perspective.

The Report

 About 4 weeks after our on-site visit, we will provide you with a comprehensive report on our discovery. The report includes:

– An individual recap on each person we interviewed, citing their strengths and areas where they need improvement.

–  Status of the organization

◦ Are things well documented?

◦ What kind of policies and procedures are in place?

◦ Can they be improved and how well are they followed?

– Recommendations based on industry best practices.

– The report also provides all scores on the questionnaires, as well as education road maps to identify what the staff needs in the way of training and how to get there.

The Value Of The Mainframe 360° 

  • Identifies competencies that are at risk of exposure
  • Benchmarks your staff against other organizations
  • Provides industry “best practices”
  • Roadmaps a certification/education program to address skill gaps
  • Recommends improvements
  • Assists in customization of classes

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