Quest Software, while not a high priority software publisher to most of its customer base, offers a vast range of products that underpin productivity and efficiency. However, with such a broad spectrum of products and licensing metrics comes significant complexity and risk. Coupled with that, Quest is one of the more aggressive publishers when it comes to software compliance and is currently holding a place in Anglepoint Tier 1 Compliance Publisher Listing.

Quest Software looks to their compliance program as a key revenue generator, rather than an education and IP protection initiative. Members of the Quest compliance team are incentivized by audit results, and therefore operate in a manner that is all too often focused on the dollars and far less on the customer relationship.

When you marry this approach from the publisher with a general shortfall in licensing expertise that is prevalent within most licensee organizations, it can and often does lead to very expensive audit settlements and a huge cost in terms of man-hours to coordinate and manage an audit from start to finish.